Commonly Asked Questions


Wheat Ear Cents

Wheat Ear cents refers to Lincoln cents issued from 1909-1958 owing to the framing heads of wheat on either side of the coin’s reverse.  Valuable wheat ear cents were minted in 1931 and before, with the 1955 doubled-die being a notable exception. Valuable wheat ear cents include the 1909-S V.D.B. (the designer’s initials occur at the base of the wheat ears); the 1909-S; 1910-S; 1911-S; 1912-S; 1913-S;1914-D & S; 1915-S; 1922-D & 1922 missing the D; 1924-D; 1926-S and 1931-S.  The value of each of these dates depends on its condition but even those in “Good” condition are well worth bringing in to the shop for an offer.


Silver United States Coins

All dimes, quarters and half dollars minted 1964 and prior are made of 90% silver and worth approximately 10.3 times their face value (as of November 28 , 2014).


Some U.S. silver coins are worth much more than their silver content but, as with older U.S. coins, value depends on condition and rarity.

The value of Morgan Silver Dollars depends on date/mint mark and the condition. I have a free list of the valuable Morgan Silver Dollars (there are over 50) so just visit the store for a copy.


Silver Certificates & Red Seal $2 Bills

 Most Silver Certificates (1, 5 and 10 dollar bills with a blue seal) are not worth more than face value unless they are in at least AU or almost uncirculated condition.  This means the bills have no more than one minor fold and no turned-down corners, dirt or pen/pencil marks.  The actual value of each note depends on its series number and the presence or absence of a star at the beginning of the serial numbers. Two dollar red seals are valued in a similar fashion.


What Are My Stamps Worth?

The vast majority of valuable United States stamps were issued prior to the 1920’s.

The best way to get full value for the majority of U. S. stamps printed since the 1920’s is to use them on your mail.  We sell common U. S. stamps as discount postage (90% of face or 80% of face depending on the amount purchased) and are currently seeking to buy those U. S. stamps with a face value or denomination of 39 cents or higher.

We are always in the market for better United States and foreign stamp collections.  Collections in albums and stockbooks tend to contain the best stamps; collections of loose stamps or in inexpensive albums started in childhood tend not to be valuable.  You are welcome to bring in your collections and we can quickly look and tell whether the collections have value and whether we can make an offer.